Company History

Year 2014-2015

Developed the high hardware configuration series.

Developed the high hardware configuration OpenWRT series.

Rapidly researched and developed the 4G LTE routers and modems for different areas and countries.

Developed the RMS (Remote Management System).

Year 2012-2013

Launched the 4G LTE series.

Developed the OpenWRT version products.

CeBIT exhibition in 2012.

CTIA Wireless exhibition 2014

Developed the small cute size router and modem for dedicated applications.

Start 2nd brand in local market for several countries.

Deep developed distributors for router and modem products.

Year 2010-2011

Developed mobile video center platform and sets of total solution based on internet.

Launched HSPA+ routers and modems.

Participated in EXPOCOM RUSSIA 2011.

Communic Asia2010.

Year 2008-2009

Branch company Shenzhen E-Lins Technology Co., Ltd. was established.

Start OEM/ODM service for different brands.

Developed disaster reduction and alert system with partners.

Updated 3G series router, modem, and IP modem.

Released wireless LED information distributing management system.

Year 2006-2007

Participated in CommunicAsia, China Sourcing Fair.

Released multi-module EDGE/CDMA router to extend the radio transmission bandwidth.

Released dual SIM/UIM card router for high reliability applications.

Year 2004-2005

Launched the GPRS/CDMA1x cellular mobile router and modem.

Started to develop global international market.

Lauched the EDGE router and modem.

Awarded software enterprise.

Awarded high-tech enterprise.

Year 2003

Developed and launched the first wireless data communication system based on CDMA 1X network in China.

Year 2002

Developed and launched the first DDN system based on GPRS.

iSCADA system.

Launched the world’s first GPRS mobile data system for M2M data communication applications.

Year 2000

Released ISDN NT1+ and PCI TA terminal.

Year 1999

Launched multi-channel digital voice recorder.

Year 1998

Active serial DDN network DTU was developed and recognized as national new product in this year.

Year 1997

E-Lins Technology Company Limited was established. 

Launched i SCADA network management system based on WEB.