2.4GHz Wireless Digital Network Bridge/Ap with 2.4GHz Omni Fiberglass Antenna

- Dec 19, 2017-

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150mbps av outdoor 2.4g 2km wifi long range antenna wifi repeater and transmitter
ST2510LB Applications:
The construction sites, mines, water conservancy, oil field, large water breeding sites, large farms, forest fire prevention, troop exercises harsh environments such as high-definition video surveillance, multimedia signal transmission.
Wireless Internet coverage of the campus, a large office space, shopping malls, hotels and other public places (the account allocation).
Between the buildings networking.
Wireless transmission of video, audio, network, data, and other large-capacity data transmission.
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Selling Point
The interface is simple and convenient debugging.
Parameter interface graphical.
The different standards, different power: 27dBm (802.11b) 25dBm (802.11g), 23dBm (802.11b), depending on the distance and bandwidth requirements to set different standards in order to achieve the best results.
Supports Spanning Tree Protocol can effectively suppress broadcast storms.
Support QoS (WMM) multimedia protocol, the transfer of large volumes of multimedia signals.
Supports Chinese Simplified, Chinese Traditional, English interface, more convenient setting, Upgrade, backup support for popular browser web operation.
Support encryption, easy and confidential.
Strong anti-interference.
Suitable for use in low-temperature environments.
Scalability, the network is convenient.
Question and answer
Q1: Wireless bridge is Stable?support lightning protection or not? 
A: The product of SUNTOR,wireless bridge adopt USA Atheros CREE XLamp,it is very stability.And according to customer requirment we can provide a suitable solution for the customer,to achieve the best effect.The device no lightning protection,if it is a minefield, then do professional mine deal,if not, just need to do the device contact with grounded.
Q2: How to install the wireless equipment? 
A: It is very easy to install the wireless equipment,the customer just need contact the device hardware,because the SUNTOR's Technical personnel debugging good the device befor shipment.just like you buy a new TV,only need to contact the line and pass on electricity..
Q3: How is the wireless bridge power supply? 
A: The equipment can use solar power.many projects using solar scenery complementary power supply,such as forest fire prevention,water reservoirs ,ect.
Q4: Without network,the wireless bridge can transmit ? 
A: The wireless bridge can transmit without network.Line of sight between the monitory point and monitoring center, the equipment can transmit by microwave.
Q5: Wireless equipment application? 
A: Wireless equipment suitable for long distance transmission and no need wiring,can use in builders, mariculture, across the river across the road environment, residential elevators, reservoirs, parks, forest fire, mountains, fields, roads, tunnels, scenic,ect.

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