360 Portable Wi-Fi 2 Generation Wireless Router with 10TB Cloud U Disk

- Apr 19, 2018-

Product Details


  1. Operating system support: Windows XP, Windows Vista 32/64, Windows 7 32/64, Windows 8

  2. Interface: USB 2.0 

  3. Antenna: 1T1R antenna pattern, built-in PIFA antenna 

  4. Transfer rate:

    • 11b: 1/2/5.5/11Mbps

    • 11g: 6/9/12/18/24/36/48/54Mbps

    • 11n: up to 150Mbps 

  5. Follow the protocol standards: IEEE 802.11n protocol, compatible with IEEE 802.11g and IEEE 802.11b standards

  6. Frequency range: 2.412-2.4835GHz 

  7. Operating channels: 1-11

  8. Transmit power: 19dBm (max)

  9. Support for encryption: WPA-PSK/WPA2-PSK 

  10. Same as U disk plug-and-play, no registration cloud account

  11. U disk capacity of the current mainstream 4G, portable Wi-Fi 2-generation cloud space is equipped with the common U disk 2560 times

  12. Material: ABS + PC plastic 

  13. Size: 33 x 18 x 7.7mm

  • 360 portable Wi-Fi router installation instructions:

    1. Turn on your computer, plug the Internet cable into the "wifi.360.cn" website

    2. Click on the right side of the page "install driver"

    3. Wait for the driver installation is complete

    4. The driver is installed, prompted to insert the portable Wi-Fi

  • 360 portable Wi-Fi router use instructions:

  1. 360 has already been prompted to insert the portable Wi-Fi, insert the 360 portable Wi-Fi networked computer USB port

  2. The computer screen will appear free WLAN name prompt 

  3. Set the phone will open in Wi-Fi, select 360-xxxx, enter the password to connect

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