86 Standard Router, Pppoe Dial, USB Charging, Wireless Repeater with 300 Mbps

- Oct 25, 2017-

Basic Info

  • Model NO.: KXY86-801/300M

  • Network Site: Border Router

  • Firewall: Firewall

  • Port Structure: Modular

  • Network: Internet

  • Architecture: Crossbar System

  • Repeater: Indoor 25m

  • Installation: 86 Type

  • Wi-Fi Supported Frequency: 3.0g

  • Built-in Firewall: Yes

  • Type: Wireless

  • Transfer Rate: 300Mbps

  • Ports: ≤4

  • Application: Enterprise, SOHO, Hotels

  • Performance: Line-Rate Router

  • Wired Transfer Rate: 300 Mbps

  • Function: Router, Pppoe Dial, USB Charging, Wireless Repeate

  • Color: Cool Black Pearl Silver and Ivory, Champagne Gold

  • LAN Ports: 1

  • Trademark: HS

Product Description

  86 standard Router, PPPOE dial, USB charging, wireless repeater with 300 MBPS


Wall embedded sockets, there are a variety of functions.Such as wireless router, PPPOE dial, USB charging, wireless repeater.Applicable to the modern intelligent household, hotels, enterprises, small office and other places.


1.direct access to exchange 110-240v mains,no additional power adapter.
2. built the word's top antenna, the signal that coverage is wider and stronger air-penetration.
3.5v 1500ma usb output power,but for the vast majority of mobile phones,tablets etc.For providing quick charge.
4.support LAN port output,choice of wired and wireless network.
5.support 3g network card access,compatible with the mainstream 3g card.
6.USB interface can be inserted u disk,mobile hard disk,realize data sharing.
7.the design of the hardware WPS,WIFI switch,comvenient for data encryption and WIFI singnal is turned on or off closed
8.and convenient relay function,can reduce signal blind area,extend the WIFI distance,well save big network cabling.

USB voltage: 5V/1.5A    
IP address :    
Port: WAN:1*10/100M RJ45
           LAN: 1*10/100M RJ45    
           USB :1 type A host    
Wireless transmission rate :300Mbps    
Wireless network support frequency: 2.4G-2.484GHz    
Network standards:  802.11g 802.11n    
Internet access :4G Compatible with 3G NIC    
Color: black(if you have special requirements can choose glod, white, please give me a message)


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