Analyze what the reasons why the wireless router is connecting

- Sep 04, 2018-

Many people install wireless routers in the home will be connected, let's analyze what are the reasons.

First, the router is attacked by the wireless router

If the router is hacked, it will often drop the line. Generally, you can set up the router firewall to solve it, or replace the router with strong security function.

Second, the network virus

If you have a network virus in your computer, it is not surprising that there is a dropped line. You can reinstall the computer system to solve it.

Third, the router performance is poor

Some cheap low-end routers, after a period of use, will be dropped, restart the router and restore the smooth network, which requires a good router to solve.

Fourth, the wireless network signal is weak

If the user is using a wireless router and your computer uses wireless wifi to access the Internet, then if the computer is too far away from the wireless route, the signal will be weak, so it is easy to drop the line. In this case, it is recommended that the user replace the computer or wireless routing location, pull the distance between the two, or use the signal to enhance the antenna.

  Article from: Shenzhen wireless routing manufacturers gather network technology

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