Brain modem: we mind control one step closer

- Apr 25, 2016-

Pentagon Research attempting an impossible technology--developing a neural interface for high bandwidth, so that data sent back and forth between the human brain and an external device. Yes, this is the "modem of the brain", it allows soldiers to use mind-control drones. Now, the unlikely possibility of technology has significantly increased. On February 8, the United States Defense Advanced research projects Agency (DARPA) announced the first batch of animal tests are successful, micro-sensors after the vessel arrived and fixed in the brain to record neural activity.

The so-called "electrode BRACKET" is a combination of electrodes and the bracket, it was size of a paper clip, and very soft. This tiny injection machine to help researchers solve "brain modem" one of the most vexing problems: how to move transmitter implanted in the brain without the user to drill a hole on the head--the operation is dangerous in any situation.

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