Dial-Link 2G GPRS VPN Router (DLK-R230)

- Nov 28, 2017-

Basic Info

Model NO.:DLK-R230Usage:Laptop, Computer, Workstation, Server, Mobile phone, Telephone
Type:Wired, WirelessHS Code:8517623610

DLK-R230 Router uses GPRS wireless net to realize data delivery in industry.
(1)Stable performance. Automatic online test and reconnect, always online.
(2)Solid security. VPN, Firewall, WEP.
(3)Industrial-class design. Metal shell, waterproof, moisture-proof, lightning protection, electromagnetic interference shielding
(4)Multiple interfaces. SIM, USB, Antenna, LAN/WAN, UART.
(5)Various protocols. TCP / IP, UDP, TELNET, FTP, HTTP, etc.
(6)Wide applications. Power allocation, industrial monitoring, video surveillance, LED display, GPS, traffic control, remote measurement, POS machines, securities exchange, etc.

Item Description Note
Size Without/with mounting holes and interfaces: 87.5 * 52 * 23/104 * 72 * 23mm     
Net Weight 400g  
Input Voltage DC5 ~ 25V (DC 9V suggest) customized 
SIM card operating voltage 3V/1.8V  
Current consumption Talk mode: 330mA (average); Power: 3W (average)   
Configuration WEB / Telnet / Console  
Operating environment Temperature: -40o C~75o C; Humidity: ≤ 90%  
RF Characteristic  GSM phase 2 / 2 + standards   
Dual-band: EGSM900 and GSM1800  customized 
Maximum transfer rate 14.4KBPS   
Firewall throughput speed 100Mbps   
VPN encryption speed 5M ~ 200M bps   
Number of concurrent sessions 8192 ~ 327680  
Number of New sessions 2250 ~ 45000  
Number of VPN tunnels 100 ~ 5000   

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