Dial-Link 2G GPRS Watchdog Modem (DLK-M230)

- Oct 20, 2017-

Basic Info

Model NO.:DLK-M230Usage:Laptop, Computer, Workstation, Server, Mobile phone, Telephone
Type:Wired, WirelessHS Code:8517623400

DLK-M230, uses GPRS wireless net to realize data delivery in industry, supporting message content including digital, voice, SMS and fax.

(1)Stable performance. Timing online test and reconnect and watchdog to ensure operation.
(2)Low power consumption. 3mA current in sleep state, timing wake-up.
(3)Remote control. Telephone wake-up, remote reset and upgrade.
(4)Industrial-class design. Metal shell, waterproof, moisture-proof, lightning protection, electromagnetic interference shielding.
(5)UART transparent data delivery.
(6)Wide applications. Power allocation, industrial monitoring, traffic control, remote measurement, etc.

Item Description Note
Size Without/with mounting holes and interfaces: 64 * 46 * 18.5/78 * 66 * 18.5mm     
Net Weight 200g  
Input Voltage DC5 ~ 25V (DC 9V suggest) customized 
SIM card operating voltage 3V/1.8V  
Current consumption Talk/Sleep/Idle  mode: 300mA (ave) /3.0mA (max)/10.0mA (max)     
Operating environment Temperature: -40o C~65o C; Humidity: ≤ 90%  
RF Characteristic  GSM phase 2 / 2 + standard  
Dual-Band: EGSM900 and GSM1800  customized 
Maximum transfer rate 14.4KBPS  
Audio decoding standards Half/Full/ Enhanced speed: ETS 06.20/ETS 06.10/ETS 06.50/06.60/06.80  
Messaging content   digital, voice, SMS and fax   
SMS MT, MO, CB, and PDU mode   

Product Description

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