FAQ about 4G Industrial Router

- Dec 21, 2018-

With the popularity of wireless networks, more and more people are using wireless devices. The first widely used in recent years is the 4G industrial router. In the process of using the wireless network, there are many problems with the wireless network. In the process of wireless Internet access, various wireless network failures are often encountered. This year, Xiaobian compiled the 4G industrial router for everyone. Common problems and solutions to help you better solve the problems you encounter.

1:What should I do if the 1:4G industrial router fails to create a VPN?

Q: First determine if the VPN server meets the protocol supported by the industrial router. If the supported protocols are met, please check:

(1) The tunnel IP of the VPN server cannot conflict with the IP of the client tunnel. It is recommended to specify an independent IP.

(2) When filling in the client IP, you can write the IP range of the client;

(3) When filling in local user management, the user and password are separated by *;

(4) The server IP or domain name should be filled in the public network IP or the domain name bound to the router;

(5) Remote subnet IP and subnet mask Fill in the IP and subnet mask of the server terminal network.

2:4G industrial router switches on and off a lot of times, what happens when the startup is incomplete and the login page displays the code?

Q: Clear your browser cache.

What are the conditions for 3:4G industrial routers to switch to 4G by wire?

Q: By default, Ethernet is used, and there is a detection mechanism inside. When it cannot access the external network, it automatically switches to 4G. After the Ethernet function is normal, it is switched back to Ethernet.

4:4G industrial grade router inserted SIM card Online light has not been lit?

Q: Step1: Check if the SIM card is in arrears;

Step2: Check if the antenna of the device is connected (note the antenna position, do not connect to the WiFi antenna interface), you can check the signal condition through the signal indicator. When the signal is normal, the three grids will light up;

Step3: Confirm whether the SIM card has Internet access function;

Can a 5:4G industrial router be used with analog cameras for video surveillance?

Q: A network camera is required to be used in our video surveillance project with our 4G industrial router. The smoothness of the video transmission is closely related to the code stream of the front-end equipment. The code stream refers to the amount of data per second.

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