GSM/GPRS Modem G3100 Embedded TCP/IP for Multi-Links Substitution of Siemens Terminal

- Jul 23, 2017-

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GSM/GPRS MODEM G3100 Embedded TCP/IP for multi-links Substitution of Siemens terminal

G3100, introduced by ZOGLAB, is an economical terminal product integrated with voice, SMS, fax and GPRS platform. Being full functioned and good balanced between capacity and cost, G3100 is the ideal candidate for remote data processing and other mobile data transmission.

G3100 communications unit is equipped with metal aluminium housing, preventing from abrasion, radiation and static (4KVESD). The design of redundant power, provides a much wider supply voltage range (7-24VDC), which makes it possible to be used in adverse circumstances. Standard dB9FL interface dor RS232 communication, draw out holder for SIM card, and headphone interface for 2.5 mm audio enable G3100 used in most applications.

GPRS Class 10 inner core, provides a strong Internet access ability for G3100. With a downlink rate of 85.6 kbps, G3100 is powerful enough for visiting most web pages, FTP, email transceiving as well as other applications.

3G CDMA2000 Modem, nam-flashing, SIM UIM card supported

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