High, and CEVA and ARM set off next-generation modem wars

- Apr 25, 2016-

With LTE and LTE Advanced LTE technology such as Advanced Pro, created a stir in the industry – lead to a series of next generation baseband design than any previous generation Smartphone modem (modem) chips of new and more complex needs.

Global Telecom chip supplier Qualcomm (Qualcomm), DSP core vendor-CEVA and ARM processor core workers are racing to meet that challenge. The three companies have developed a new processor architecture, and get out at this year's Mobile World Congress (MWC) before publishing. Qualcomm Snapdragon X16, CEVA announced CEVA-X4,ARM is talking about its new Cortex-R8 published.

High throughput new modem chip in its Hexagon perform intensive DSP core LTE protocols and voice codec (codec), and also adopts ARM Cortex implementation of Linux operating system (OS), IMS and IP stack.

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