How to choose the right wireless AP?

- May 23, 2018-

How to choose the right wireless AP?

What factors do APs choose to consider?

When making wireless coverage selection AP, consider the following:

Environmental features: outdoor or indoor, sparse distribution of terminals (such as warehouses) or high-density wireless access (such as conference rooms, multi-purpose halls, etc.).

Installation method: ceiling, panel or 86 boxes.

Power supply: Standard PoE (802.3af or 802.3at), Passive PoE or DC (DC power supply).

Coverage: Single room, multiple rooms, area coverage, fixed point coverage, etc.

Capacity: A single AP accesses 10, 20, 30, or 50 terminals.

Take the hotel environment as an example to introduce different products that can be used in different regions:

The general room area uses an ordinary ceiling wireless AP, which can meet the wireless coverage in most areas and properly allow a small number of wireless blind spots. The high-end guest areas such as luxury rooms can use panel wireless AP to ensure the best wireless coverage and provide the best accommodation experience. In the densely populated areas such as restaurants and conference rooms, ceiling-mounted dual-band wireless APs that support high-density access are used to meet the needs of multiple users at the same time.

Should AP choose 2.4G single frequency or 2.4G/5G dual frequency?

From the current market, terminal products, thousands of specifications of smart phones can basically support the 5G band of WiFi, so for a better wireless experience, we recommend dual-band wireless AP, especially in personnel-intensive areas.

How many clients does a wireless AP carry?

Based on the working principle of wireless products and the wireless transmission and reception capabilities of wireless terminals such as mobile phones, it is impossible for a wireless AP to handle "a radius of 1 km and access to hundreds of people."

According to our experience, we recommend a single-frequency AP with 25 clients and a dual-band AP with 50 clients.

What is the appropriate range of wireless AP coverage?

The coverage of the wireless AP is very large in relation to the installation location and the actual environment. The following information is for reference:

Ceiling Wireless AP: Covers six surrounding rooms/dormitories, or a radius of about 12 meters, suitable for installation in a relatively open environment with a floor height of not less than 3 meters. Due to the characteristics of the installation method, wireless blind spots are easily generated.

Panel wireless AP: Covers the surrounding 2 rooms/dormitories, 1-2 walls space. Wireless coverage is better.

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