How to ensure the safety of mobile broadband modem?

- Apr 25, 2016-

With the popularity of mobile computing, we will need to provide anytime, anywhere connectivity. These vulnerabilities are properly stated that "If a device has a URL or IP address, and the connection to the Internet using, then someone will dig into", and to exploit it.

And, simply put, if your business relies on a mobile device to connect to the Internet or your internal network, you can't use a mobile broadband modem.

I believe that although broadband modem may or may not be a cross site request forgery, or DNS poisoning vulnerability, and most of the enterprises in the network host, applications and mobile devices have more security issues need to be addressed, but that does not mean that the issue should be ignored.

Industry-many people believe that the best policy is to let go of all of the work you are doing to solve the problem, but the author recommends that the systems approach to the potential risks, and be integrated into the ongoing security assessment plan.

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