Huawei boost LTE network security upgrades

- Apr 25, 2016 -

Huawei switch and enterprise communications products line security products Director Jiao Chengwei in introduced in the said: "from 2010 Germany Telefonica O2 of first commercial Board began, has Huawei LTE security gateway has success service Yu overseas 35+ operators LTE commercial network, line Shang deployment over 200 Taiwan security gateway, docking cover has global mainstream wireless manufacturers of base station products, for typical of group network and reliability requirements has formed has mature of deployment programme". Abroad widespread commercial deployment of LTE Huawei a security gateway in terms of performance, expansion capabilities, and also in terms of features and reliability through repeated testing and verification. With super capacity + professional protective properties and the exclusive global LTE end-to-end scenarios provide capacity, Huawei, LTE security gateway product and project was recognized by a number of overseas operators. "Huawei is willing to continue to participate in research and exploration of the China communications standards, with the Association and Ministry guidelines to promote the LTE wireless network security gateway landing of the technical requirements and implementation, help high-speed development of China's 4G LTE network", Jiao Chengwei said.

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