Improper router setup speeds device power consumption

- May 26, 2018-

Improper router setup speeds device power consumption

Perhaps many of my friends will be surprised to see this title, because many people think that when our mobile phone or computer is kept in a black screen or sleep, it will not consume power, or it will consume less power. However, the actual situation is that our device also consumes electricity on a black screen or in a sleep state, and improperly setting up the router will speed up your device's power consumption. In the following, the router OEM of E-Lins Technology will explain to you why the improper setting of the router will accelerate the power consumption of the device.

When our router is not set up properly, there will be a lot of information exchange operations in the background of the device, and gradually exhaust the remaining power in the device. Information exchange operations are generated by router advertisement messages. Router advertisements are on multicast links and point-to-point links. Each router periodically sends a router advertisement packet to the multicast group to advertise its availability. In other words, the router periodically advertises its presence and configured link and network parameters, or responds to router request messages. When our device receives a notification message, it must be processed to keep the network connected, even if it is in a black screen or in a sleep state. If the router generates frequent router advertisements, it is convenient for the host to know if the router exists within a short period of time, which of course will also accelerate the power consumption.

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