LTE broadband widening road of rural informatization

- Apr 25, 2016-

August 2013, the State Council issued the "broadband in China" strategic implementation plan, which means that the band first became a national strategic infrastructure. As most of the information infrastructure, broadband supporting Internet, cloud computing and other high-tech industrial development. In recent years, large-scale construction of China Mobile 4G network, an increasing number of urban and rural customers to experience high quality networks brings new life quality. To take full advantage of 4G network resources, increase broadband coverage in rural areas, Anhui mobile introduced a broadband--LTE broadband products based on 4G technology, it has the advantage of high-bandwidth, low-latency network, is the largest foreign operator access programme for rural broadband coverage, also in line with the China Mobile Group on business development.

LTE broadband for rural-specific regional markets, and make use of the existing network of TD-LTE base station as a hosted network and introduced new broadband network element BRAS, combined with special APN and L2TP network technologies, business processes consistent with the GPON broadband broadband products, customers with broadband Internet access for rural families. It has four a significantly features: a is business deployment fast, without cloth put fiber, only must installation CPE Terminal, installation operation convenient; II is business perception degrees and GPON broadband basic consistent, LTE broadband still used PPPOE Dial Internet way, support wireless router access, site installation Hou speed peak reached 492kbps, business quality reached or close GPON broadband quality standard; three is and phone Internet business achieved collaborative. Directly through the CPE and USIM card management, as well as bandwidth reservation, the base station sectors capacity restrictions, to minimize or reduce the impact of mobile Internet; four are business processes in line with GPON broadband to achieve effective integration with existing support systems and enables subsequent smoothing GPON broadband replacement.

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