LTE broadband will provide rural Informationization brings the following benefits

- Apr 25, 2016-

--Enrich the spare life

Yiqian rural of amateur life to see TV, and playing mahjong mainly, now has has LTE broadband, TV can independent select, can check out various interested in of information, gets fresh released of around, and the industry message, through network video and relatives friends "face-to-face" still, also can play various wonderful of network game, mass information to text, and pictures, and video of form spread, great rich has villagers of amateur life.

--Broaden marketing channels

Through the network, farmers more closely linked with the outside world, began to look for business opportunities on the Internet. Previous sales of agricultural products mainly rely on traditional channels, such as retail or wholesale markets, can now be sold online, looking for more customers. With the popularization of networks in rural areas, farmers can stay at home in the future, relying on logistics will be agricultural products are sold throughout to raise farmers ' enthusiasm for production, increase farmers ' income. Alibaba group has openly said, and local government cooperation, based on the e-commerce platform, build County and village levels and service network to break through bottleneck of logistics and information to achieve "net goods to the countryside" and "farm town" the bidirectional flow function.

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