Lte 4G Hotspot with 4620mAh &3000mAh Optical Powerbank Wireless Router with SIM Card Wireless Router Share More Than 10users

- Mar 09, 2018-

Product Detail

Basic Info

  • Model NO.:AT-110

  • Type:Wireless

  • Network Site:Border Router

  • Transfer Rate:150Mbps

  • Firewall:Firewall

  • Ports:2

  • Port Structure:Modular

  • Application:SOHO

  • Network:WCDMA

  • Performance:Line-Rate Router

  • Architecture:Shared Memory

  • Package:At100 Competed Set

  • Origin:China

Product Description

LTE 4G Hotspot with 4620mAh &3000mAh Optical Powerbank Wireless Router with SIM Card Wireless Router Share More Than 10users
1 Product introduction
Thank you for choosing LTE MiFi Wireless data terminal equipment. You can read the manual, to get a
comprehensive understanding of the use of LTE MiFi, enjoy its perfect functions and simple operation.
This wireless data terminal is a completely conform to the International mobile network standard of LTE
wireless data terminal, login the Internet anytime and anywhere, In business travel, a laptop or PDA with this
wireless data terminal connection, Users can connect to the Internet in all mobile's network coverage areas.
This product can directly become a WIFI hotspot after turning on the power supply, and then users could be
simple and convenient to build their own sharing network environment.
1.2 Technical parameters
Network and the
Transmission rate Peak rate: UL/DL:50Mbps/150Mbps
The interface type Micro USB 2.0
Weight About 152g(With the battery) About 67g(Without the battery)
Size 109*60*20mm
Expandable memory
card The biggest 32G
The power adapter Input voltage 5V,Input current 1A
The battery
specification 3.7V/4620mAh/3000mAh(Optional)
* Standby time About 100 hours
* Work time About 16 hours
* Charging time About 6 hours
Supported by the
operating system Windows8/Windows 7/VISTA/XP(Version SP2 and above)
temperature -10°C~+45°C
Storage temperature -20°C~+70°C
Tip:* the above marking time is for reference only, specific time will be for network and usage of different and
1.3 The basic function
Support 2 g / 3 g/LTE wireless network technology.
It has Wi-Fi mobile routing function.
Work as a PC network adapter.
T card insert and connect the device to PC via USB line, can be used as memory card reader.

2 Before use
2.1 Each part of the name and description
2.1.1 Check the packaging
Parts The number
Wireless devices 1
USB cable 1
Quick use guide 1
The battery 1
2.1.2 The appearance
Power button: long press the power button to open/close the device.
Display screen
External memory card slot.
The charger/USB interface
The WPS button: press this button, within 2 minutes after the Wi-Fi terminal can automatically
complete the MiFi matching and Settings (Wi-Fi i terminal need to support this function).
Reset button: take the equipment back cover boot mode, long press the "Reset" button for 3 seconds
after let go, restart the equipment, factory Settings restored successfully.
2.1.3 Display screen
Number instructions
1 Signal strength
2 Register online
4 Wi-Fi started&Users
5 The battery
6 ISP Name & SIM
7 Network name (SSID)/Password
8 Traffic statistics

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