M2m Wireless Modem (MM400)

- Dec 01, 2017-

Basic Info

Model NO.:MM400

The MM400 is a high performance and quality for M2M application. The MM400 receives DTMF code and send to Specific IP address and Port. User can easy to setting by GUI interface. The MM400 supports battery for backup power to send the event immediately.

CDMA 1xRTT dual band 800/1900
DTMF tone decoder
High Performance
Friendly GUI setting
Battery inside
Event Procedure

Electrical Specifications
Power Input 5V
Power Consumption Max. 2A
GSM Module LISA-C200, CDMA 1xRTT
Band Dual band 800/1900MHz
RX Sensitivity -108 dBm
Down/Up Link 154Kbps
Protocols Embedded UDP/TP, TCP/IP and HTTP
AT Commands Enhanced AT command set IS-707.3
3GPP 27.005, 3GPP 27.007 and ITU-T V. 25
3GPP 27.010 MUX protocol
Packet Data Mode: Class B, Multislot10
Coding Schemes: CS1-CS4
Packet Channel: PBCCH/PCCCH
SMS Functionality Text, PDU, MO/MT, Cell Broadcast
Approve version Sprintf, Verizon and Aeris
MCU ST Cortex M0
Flash 16K byte
SDRAM 4K byte
Frequency 48MHz
RJ11 DTMF Tone input
dB9 RS232, Setting Parameter
DTMF Signal
Input Signal Level Max: 1 dBm
Min: -29 dBm
Twist Accept Limit(Positive) 10 dB
Twist Accept Limit(Negative) 10 dB
Dial Tone Tolerance 18 dB
Noise Tolerance -12 dB
Third Tone Tolerance -16 dB
Frequency Deviation Acceptance Max ± 1.5%
Frequency Deviation Rejection Min ± 3.5%
Power Up Time 30ms
Power LED Power on
GSM Strength Level LED Low, Middle, High
Internet LED Off - Disconnect
Blinking -certificating
Still On- Connected

Product Description

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