Power Bank Lte-FDD / EVDO / WCDMA Wireless 4G Router SIM WiFi 4G Router Modem SIM Card Slot 4G Wireless Router

- Feb 03, 2018-

Product Detail

Basic Info

  • Model NO.:AT-M903

  • Type:WiFi Module

  • Work Mode:AP

  • Transmission Rate:UL/Dl:50Mbps/150BPS

  • Voltage:5V

  • Color:White with Green

  • Certification:RoHS, FCC, CE

Product Description

1. Introduction
M903 is a multi-function device: WIFI router & power bank. It support 3G/4G internet, WIFI repeater and Ethernet, support 10 users simultaneously.
Any terminal device, with WIFI function or Ethernet port, can get internet through M903 router. Detail operation procedures are as below:
1.1 Function 1: Wireless Wi-Fi router , getting internet by 3 modes
Mode 1 : Inserting SIM card into M903 device to get the 3G/4G wireless internet , and then the terminal devices , such as PC , mobile phone , tablet pc and so on , connect to M901 by RJ45 cable or Wi-Fi .

Mode 2 : Inserting Ethernet cable to M903 RJ45 WAN port to get the internet , and then the terminal devices connect to M903 by Wi-Fi .

Mode 3 : By wifi repeater to get the internet , and then the terminal devices connect to M903 by RJ45 cable or Wi-Fi .
1.2  Function 2 : power bank
     M903 is built in 5200mAh Lithium polymer battery, which can be used as power bank , charging most of power bank , MP3 , Tablet PC models and so on .

PS : Please do not input charge M903 when it is output charging other mobile device , otherwise , the battery life will be shorten .

1Cable Internet Indicator (Blue)BlinkData transmitting
OnCable inserted into RJ45 port
OffNo cable inserted into RJ45 port
2Battery Indicator (Red Green Blue)RedLow power
GreenMiddle power
BlueFull power
Internet connecting: Indicator on;
Input: Indicator lowly blink (3 seconds/time). When battery is full, the indicator is blue on;
Output: Indicator quickly blink (1 second/time);
(PS: Please do not input and output at the same time, which will damage the battery)
3WIFI Indicator (Blue)
OnWIFI function is on
BlinkData transmitting by WIFI
OffWIFI function off
4Device Status Indicator (Red Blue Green Purple)Green On4G(LET) internet on
Blue On3G/WAN/WISP internet on
Red slowly blink4G/3G alarm:
? No detect 4G/3G internet
? No SIM card
? 4G/3G signal very week
Red quickly blinkDevice failure
Blue quickly blink4G/3G connecting
PurpleThe device is upgrading software
5Power ButtonLong press for 3 secondsTurn on the router
Long press for 3 secondsTurn off the router
Shortly press 2 timesTurn on/off power bank function
6Standard USB port Output port
7RJ45 Port ( WAN/LAN) Ethernet or for WAN/LAN
8Micro USB Port Input port
9Reset  hole reset port to reset and restart device
10SIM slot Standard SIM slot


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