Promote TD-LTE development of telecommunications five giant established a five-year plan

- Apr 25, 2016-

To promote the development and deployment of TD-LTE in the world, globally recognized Telecommunications giant Ba Di Telecom, Vodafone, China Mobile, Korea Telecom and Softbank, the five telecoms giant, proposed a five-year strategic plan--GTI 2.0. Five companies have teamed up to develop high-speed broadband technology, Fusion 4G, and is committed to the development of 5G ecological system. In addition to fostering the formation of co-5G eco-system, GTI 2.0 also includes the promotion of integration between the two technologies.

TD-LTE is a technology that uses 2300 MHz frequency band 4G. The technology has been India's Reliance Jio used in Infocomm and Airtel, but with the more popular FD-LTE (1800MHz) technology, TD-LTE in the world significantly lag the deployment process.

Ba Di Telecom Chairman Sunil? BA? the Mittal (Sunil Bharti Mittal) said in a statement: "we've been in India leads the other deployment of TD-LTE, our TD-LTE will become the preferred standard for the evolving mobile technology with confidence. We look forward to working with other partners around the world, to develop future-oriented technology ecosystem and promote the establishment of a world of digital inclusion. ”

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