Several features of 4G wireless router

- Nov 10, 2018-

Professional 4G wireless routers are extremely important applications in the transportation, retail, education, manufacturing, and hotel and Internet sectors. They are known for their fast transmission speed and transmission stability, and are now known by the industry as the leader. The reason why 4G wireless router has a wide range of applications is because it has strong advantages, and there are many features, the following small series will tell you about the features of 4G wireless router.

First, security protection function

4G wireless routers have attack protection functions, which can effectively prevent ARP attacks from ensuring the security of the intranet. However, it is difficult to compete with 4G wireless routers in similar products. The devices in similar products are less protective, especially in public networks. The security of protection needs to be considered. The reason why this kind of 4G wireless router can be used in various places is because of its strong protection ability.

Second, the broadband control function

The salesperson of a good wireless router introduces that it can flexibly grasp the Internet bandwidth of each networked device, effectively avoiding the bandwidth occupied by individual users using Thunderbolt and P2P software. Therefore, the 4G wireless router makes the network more balanced, especially suitable for corporate office and The large network in public places makes the network speed used by each app and PC side equal or up and down.

Third, wireless bridging function

A reliable 4G wireless router can achieve wireless bridging between two or more wireless routers, extending wireless signal coverage. In general, 4G wireless routers have wider coverage than ordinary wireless routing products, so it is in unit space. The number of devices used has been reduced, and the overall funding for large space sites has been effectively reduced.

In addition, the 4G wireless router also has a self-correcting function, which can continuously and efficiently run stably for a long time. It has effective heat dissipation to make the performance more stable. The bottom is distributed with a large number of exquisite heat-dissipating grilles to ensure the machine's full heat dissipation, ensuring stable operation for a long time, extending the service life of the product, and the interface can be easily installed. Without asking for people, the installation interface can be completed in a few steps.

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