Sierra Wireless 312u USB Modem 4G Modem Aircard 320u

- May 16, 2017-

Product Description

| E-Lins Industrial 4G Modem

E-Lins modems mainly focus on 2G, 3G and 4G cellular modems. With high speed USB port for devices’ communication. 4G is 4G LTE, which is a new technology with 100Mbps download and 50Mbps upload speed. And can be easily update to 150Mbps, 300Mbps,1000Mbps or higher speed.

For single sim 4G modem, the main model is M300.


Sim Slot Quantity

Module Quantity






USB * 1

>>| Hot Spot

Built-in 2G/3G/4G industrial cellular modules, insert SIM/UIM card to work directly;

Built-in SIM/UIM card slot;

Broadband M2M communications

SIM failover/standby APN

3G/4G failover for fixed line broadband connections

Rapid service deployment applications

Support At command

USB port

GPS support (option)

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