Summary of common problems and solutions for 4G industrial routers

- Dec 07, 2018-

With the popularity of wireless networks, more and more people are using wireless devices. The first widely used in recent years is the 4G industrial router. In the process of using the wireless network, there are many problems with the wireless network. In the process of wireless Internet access, various wireless network failures are often encountered. This year, Xiaobian compiled the 4G industrial router for everyone. Common problems and solutions to help you better solve the problems you encounter.

How does the 1:4G industrial router use the DDNS function?

Q: The DDNS function requires a public IP address to be used.

How does the 2:4G industrial router implement the remote desktop of the WAN?

Q: The 4G industrial router is the intranet IP allocated by the operator. The external network cannot be directly accessed. It is necessary to establish a virtual local area network through APN or VPN to communicate.

3: 4G card IP is not fixed can solve?

Q: Devices connected to 4G industrial routers can be set to statically assigned IP. Do not set to automatically obtain IP.

4: The computer can not connect to the LAN port of the 4G industrial router, but WIFI can, what should I do?

Q: If you can use wifi, the computer should be able to use the LAN port directly. The factory default is to dynamically assign IP. The function is similar, but its lan port is more.

5: How to access the intranet server through the 4G industrial router?

Q: First check whether the public network IP is connected. If the public network connection is realized, the external network can be accessed through the peanut bar.

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