The difference between wireless AP and wireless router

- Jun 28, 2018-

Different functions

Wireless AP: The full name of the AP is the Access Point. Its function is to convert the wired network to a wireless network. In the image point, wireless APs are the bridges between wireless networks and wired networks. Its signal range is spherical, it is better to put it to a relatively high place when building, can increase the coverage, wireless AP is a wireless switch, access to wired switches or routers, access to wireless terminals and the original network It belongs to the same subnet.

Wireless Router: A wireless router is a wireless AP with routing function. It is connected to an ADSL broadband line. It automatically dials into the network through the router function, and establishes an independent wireless home networking through the wireless function.

Apply differently:

Wireless APs are used in large-scale companies. Larger companies need a large number of wireless access nodes to achieve large-area network coverage, and all access terminals belong to the same network, which also facilitates simple network administrators to implement network control and management.

Wireless routers are generally used in home and SOHO environment networks. In this case, the coverage area and the use of users are not large. Only one wireless AP is enough. Wireless routers can implement ADSL network access and convert to wireless signals at the same time. Compared to buying a router and a wireless AP, a wireless router is a more affordable and convenient alternative.

Different connection methods:

Wireless APs cannot be connected to ADSL MODEM. They must use a switch or hub or router as an intermediary. The wireless router with broadband dial-up capabilities, can be directly connected to the ADSL MODEM dial-up Internet, wireless coverage.

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