What is the difference between home and industrial routers?

- Jun 06, 2018-

Many people know that routers have home routers and industrial routers, but the difference between the two is not very clear, and today we will talk about the difference between home routers and industrial routers.

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Industrial grade router is a kind of durable device used to connect two or more networks. It has high forwarding performance and belt capacity. It can meet the needs of high-speed Internet access for many people at the same time. Industrial-grade routers mostly use high-frequency network dedicated processors, which can greatly improve the network's transmission speed and throughput. Industrial-grade routers have strong data processing capabilities, farther transmission distances, and wider coverage areas. Industrial-grade routers generally have multiple security services, such as SNMP, static routes, and unified protocols. With these protocols, the network security operation can be guaranteed, and user data cannot be stolen.


Compared with industrial routers, home routers have low signal strength, small coverage, limited forwarding performance, and limited machine availability. In terms of price, home routers are relatively inexpensive. Usually, home routers will not be used for too long, and industrial routers need 24 hours to run because of the need for work. Therefore, industrial routers have higher design requirements.

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