Why is 4G wireless router popular?

- Nov 10, 2018-

Many people wonder why the 100-megabit broadband room signal is still not good, and the speed is very slow? This is because the signal is attenuated after the wifi passes through the wall, especially after traversing 2 to 3 walls, the wifi signal is very small, even if the connection speed is very slow, and after 4G wireless router provides a good solution, then why professional Is the 4G wireless router popular?

First, the network environment is adaptable

Ordinary router products can operate in the public network IP of the designated area of the operator, but the 4G wireless router does not need public network ip, and can operate under any network, so it is highly adaptable to the network environment. 4G wireless routers can also be used in many complex and demanding network environments. The industrial wireless routers are suitable for industrial applications and are better in adaptability.

Second, advanced transmission mode

The earlier transmission technology used VPN, but the good wireless router manufacturers have developed the characteristics of forwarding, P2P, and forced forwarding after being developed, which improves the transmission efficiency of operators and subverts the traditional transmission mode, and can be trusted. The 4G wireless router does not require a technical engineer and can be installed to solve the problems in router installation and post-maintenance.

Third, low cost

Generally, 4G wireless routers support mobile access, and Xiaobian learns from merchants using 4G wireless routers that it is extremely simple in subsequent maintenance. Traditional router products are more complicated in maintenance mode, but 4G wireless routers not only maintain the way. Simple, and the overall solution cost is significantly lower than the traditional wireless router, which is one of the most important reasons for its popularity.

Moreover, the 4G wireless router automatically sets up a distributed network, and the wifi signal is covered by a large area without dead angles. It is easy to control various types of houses, and the signal covers each room. The high-performance CPU is one of the important guarantees of the 4G wireless router, and the dual-frequency function is more high-speed. Plus, through the comparison of the router and the amplifier, it is found that no 4G router has strong transmission capability.

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