Wireless Routers The Function

- Jun 09, 2017 -

Wireless routers are now in the tens of millions of households, WiFi products are endless, then the wireless router this relatively professional network products are already familiar with it. Below is a list of five industry knowledge, let you understand by the router business wantonly propaganda function, in fact not so.

The word WiFi is now popular, Wireless Routers free WiFi is available in public places, and WiFi is immediately thought of as a wireless signal. This word actually comes from Wi-Fi alliances. In 1999, the industry established a Wi-Fi consortium to address the production and equipment compatibility issues of 802.11 compliant products. Wi-Fi is an organization that has 802.11 wireless networks and does not represent a wireless network. The Wi-Fi Alliance was a well-known technology giant: Dell, Microsoft, Wireless Routers Cisco and Philips. Wi-Fi Federation now has more than 400 members.

2, the wireless router signal is not the power of the greater the better.

Now on the market appear all kinds of wall king routers, long-distance transmission routers, these must be high power to achieve results. and home class router Power national standard is the largest in 100MW, commercial wifi in 500MW. Of course, the national standards are different. High power signal radiation, affect the human body.

3, the wireless signal is not the stronger the more stable.

We all want the wireless router to be able to spread farther, to wear more walls, in fact, first of all, not to say that the farther the distance from the signal to be disturbed by the greater. There is also a bottleneck that is determined by the wireless network card of the cell phone or computer. Wireless Routers Wireless network card not only receive the router wireless signal, and to transmit the signal to allow the router to receive, many network card power is quite low, which leads to the terminal transmitting signal is not received by the router, Wireless Routers sometimes found to be 2, 3 of the signal is not connected to or off the line phenomenon.

4, some wireless routers marked 20dbm, dbm is what ghost.

DBM is a wireless signal power unit, converted into the popular sense of Watt (W) 20dbm, there is a cold knowledge of the general people I do not tell him, every increase of 3dbm, Wireless Routers power doubled, such as 23d Bm. Later said that their own router signal power can say how many dbm, Force lattice instantaneous ascension.

5, 300M routers, 450M routers, Wireless Routers gigabit routers are not the more the speed of the more suitable for themselves.

The emergence of a variety of wireless speed gigabit routers, is not the more the speed of the more suitable, to see their own network card speed, such as small computer network cards are 150M network card, 300M router foot, and then big useless, the following is the speed map of the computer connection router, only 72M.

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