4G Routers Application

- Jun 23, 2017 -

4G Routers Solar video surveillance power supply system as a photovoltaic power generation system is another application, because the power of its basic access to the remote areas of the road monitoring points in the geographical restrictions, compared with the traditional power supply cost savings and the use of low cost Was applied to more and more highway electromechanical system construction.

According to the latest customers of the four-letter customers - that is, solar systems providers to undertake the latest projects learned that with the gradual formation of expressway network for the development and implementation of contingency plans to reduce road congestion, 4G Routers prevent traffic accidents, improve service levels, from the economic, Energy, environmental protection, shorten the duration of the point of view, customers will build a solar power supply highway monitoring system, the system consists of solar array, battery, industrial 4G wireless router, solar charge and discharge controller, inverter, transformers, 4G Routers Optical and other equipment components.

 The network transmission layer consists of on-site network switching equipment, network lines, station control layer network switching equipment, 4G Routers four letter industrial 4G routers and so on, providing the whole station operation and monitoring equipment interconnection and communication. Four letter industrial 4G router's main role is to field equipment layer of various monitoring data transmission to the monitoring platform, monitoring platform to provide remote diagnosis, maintenance functions, 4G Routers alarm information and reports and the upper management system integration, to achieve integrated management.

   Expressway solar power supply monitoring system allows the monitoring personnel in the remote monitoring room will be able to view the operation of various types of equipment is normal, you can modify the parameters of the equipment through the wireless network to achieve the traffic incident, 4G Routers the accident automatically detect the alarm And 24 hours of video, real-time will be the operation of each subsystem in a timely manner to the monitoring center to ensure the normal operation of the entire monitoring system, saving labor costs, and to achieve a higher efficiency.

With the development of 4G / 3G network, supermarket chains are following the current business trends continue to evolve, all kinds of theme marketing and interactive terminal construction, allowing small supermarkets to experience the interactive space. Four-letter Singapore customers Singapore region supermarket chain, brand chain supermarkets covering Southeast Asia, in recent years from the "big and the whole" to "small and fine" change, unlike customers in the large-scale stores carefully selected, 4G Routers Singapore customers want to bring To the customer is a relaxed entertainment shopping atmosphere, secret weapon is the choice of supermarket self-service terminal.

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