4G Routers Apply

- Oct 11, 2017 -

4 G router is a industrial iot high-speed router, all compatible with 4 G / 3.5 G / 3 G / 3.5 G networks, flagship configuration, VPN links, industrial design protection, wide temperature, easy to form a high speed, stable wireless transmission network, using public LTE networks provide users with wireless long-distance data transmission function.

4 g router adopts high performance industrial 32-bit communication processor and industrial-grade wireless module, supporting platform based on embedded real-time operating system software, at the same time provide a RS232 or RS485 / RS422, Ethernet LAN, Ethernet WAN and a WIFI interface, can be connected at the same time a serial port, Ethernet and WIFI devices, implement the data transparent transmission and routing functions.

The 4G router has actually been used, wifi hotspots, bus wifi and so on, other has not yet been officially used. The following 3G router has been used in the case, which can be transferred to 4G router.

Intelligent transportation: 1. High definition electronic bayonet application 2. Hd electronic police application 3. Road wireless video monitoring

1. Public bus wireless video monitoring 2. Taxi video monitoring 3. Bus video monitoring

Security monitoring: 1. Security wireless mobile detection system 2. Security wireless video monitoring

Industrial monitoring: 1. Site wireless video monitoring 2. Industrial big data transmission 3 remote crane monitoring and management 4. Elevator remote monitoring

Finance industry: 1. Wireless ATM self-service terminal 2. Coal mine tax monitoring system 3. Wireless POS machine application

Power industry: 1. Substation 3G video monitoring 2. Transformer remote monitoring management 3. Power line video monitoring

Environmental protection industry: 1.3G noise monitoring system 2. Source wireless monitoring system 3. Wireless environment monitoring system

Water conservancy industry: 1. Reservoir remote monitoring system 2. Comprehensive monitoring system of water environment

Other industries: 1. Municipal engineering 2. Oil monitoring 3. Agriculture application 4. Wireless WIFI application

At present, industrial grade products have the patented technology to maintain stable system and ensure the equipment is always online; The product is made of metal shell, anti-interference and anti-radiation, and industrial design is adopted on hardware. The System is protected by the watch-dog WDT, and the System Watch Protect is also loaded. The whole machine is passed the CE certification in Europe. Through the test of the medium test, all the wireless modules have passed CGD certification or FCC certification or CE certification through the electric power 3000V electric shock test. After rigorous design, testing and 10 years of practical application, product performance is stable and reliable.

This product has been widely used in finance, transportation, monitoring, water conservancy, environmental protection, power, post, meteorological, mobile Internet and telecommunication Internet of things.

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