4G Routers Interfaces And Endpoints

- Oct 31, 2017 -

4G router refers to the use of WiFi 2.4GHz band, set up a wireless LAN, 4G Routers and configure the basic information of wireless LAN, through the Linux system iptables wireless LAN access to 3G / 4G network. The key technology is divided into 3G / 4G network access, 4G Routers the formation of wireless LAN and iptables connectivity three parts.

The wireless router uses E392 multi-mode wireless network card in the embedded Linux system for PPP dial-up, respectively, access to TD-SCDMA, WCDMA and TD-LTE experimental network.

When a new USB device is connected to the Linux host, the host first reads the configuration, interface and endpoint information of the device through the control endpoint, completes the control transmission using the control pipeline, and then the host enumerates the device. 4G Routers Enumerations are a lot of important information about reading the device, the most important of which is to read the manufacturer's manufacturer ID (VID) and product identification code (PID), the two identifiers are associated with the USB kernel Each identifier is matched. If the match is successful, that is, the use of Linux system, the USB kernel to achieve the successful implementation of the device USB driver.

The wireless router uses a wireless network card in the embedded Linux system to form a small wireless LAN, on the one hand to provide intelligent terminal equipment access, on the other hand the wireless LAN access to the 3G / 4G network.

After the wireless network card driver is loaded successfully, 4G Routers the default working mode of the wireless network card is workstation mode, that is, as a client to search around the wireless access point to access to other wireless LAN, and 3G / 4G router need to use the wireless card The mode conversion tool hostapd switches the operating mode of the network card from the workstation mode to the AP mode, 4G Routers also known as the access point mode, and uses this mode to establish a wireless local area network.

After the AP mode switchover of the wireless network card is completed, the dynamic address pool and its gateway of the wireless LAN are configured through the DH-CP protocol. 4G Routers The wireless LAN will automatically connect to the wireless local area network according to the DHCP protocol from the configured address pool Of the intelligent terminal and other equipment to assign an IP address.

1. Intelligent display, real-time display state.

2. Direct Unicom 3G / 4G traffic card, open the product, 4G Routers you can create a wireless wifi hot, easy access to wireless Internet access equipment.

3. Private exclusive wifi, with Unicom 4G portable wifi, you can also invite friends around to share 4G speed network, up to 10 users at the same time online.

4. Support all wifi device connections, wherever you are, 4G Routers your phone, tablet, laptop and all wifi-enabled devices can enjoy 4G speed network.

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