4G Routers Low Cost Of Use

- May 26, 2017 -

As another application of photovoltaic power system, the solar video monitoring and controlling power supply has been applied to more and more highway electromechanical system construction because its electric energy acquisition is not subject to the regional restriction of the road monitoring point in remote area, 4G Routers compared with the traditional mode of power supply and low cost.

According to four customers-the latest project of solar energy system provider to understand, along with the gradual formation of highway network, in order to formulate and implement contingency plans to reduce road congestion, to prevent traffic accidents, improve service level, 4G Routers from the angle of economy, energy saving, environmental protection, shorten the period of time, the customer will build a solar powered expressway monitoring system, the system consists of solar array, battery group, industrial 4G wireless router, Solar charge controller, 4G Routers inverter, transformer, Cameras and optical terminals and other equipment.

The network transmission layer consists of the field network Exchange equipment, the network line, the station control layer network Exchange equipment, the four letter industrial 4G router and so on, provides the entire station operation and the monitoring equipment's interconnection and the correspondence. The main role of the four-letter industrial 4G router will be on-site equipment layer of all kinds of monitoring data transmission to the monitoring platform, monitoring platform to provide remote diagnosis, maintenance functions, 4G Routers alarm information and reporting with the upper management system to achieve integration of control.

Expressway solar power Monitoring system can let monitor personnel in the remote monitoring room can see all kinds of equipment operating status is normal, can be issued by the wireless network timely parameters to modify the operation of the equipment instructions, the realization of traffic incidents, accident detection alarm and 24-hour video, real-time every a subsystems of the operation of their own timely transmission to the monitoring center, to ensure the normal operation of the entire monitoring system, saving labor costs, and achieve a higher efficiency.

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