4G Routers Not Set

- Jul 27, 2017-

In order to better serve the public and serve the society, 4G Routers many new or existing highways have been carried out to carry out the implementation of the whole monitoring system to realize real-time monitoring of the whole road, automatic traffic alarm detection and 24-hour video recording, 4G Routers and provide effective decision-making basis for road command and dispatch The

Solar video surveillance power supply system as a photovoltaic power generation system is another application, because its power acquisition is basically not set in the remote area of the road monitoring point of geographical restrictions, compared with the traditional power supply cost savings and the use of low cost Has been applied to more and more highway electromechanical systems.

According to the latest customers of the four-letter customers - that is, the latest projects undertaken by solar system providers, with the gradual formation of expressway network, to develop and implement contingency plans to reduce road congestion, 4G Routers prevent traffic accidents and improve service levels, 4G Routers Energy, environmental protection, shorten the duration of the point of view, customers will build a solar power supply highway monitoring system, the system consists of solar array, battery, industrial 4G wireless router, solar charge and discharge controller, inverter, transformer, Guangduan Ji and other equipment.

 The network transmission layer consists of on-site network switching equipment, 4G Routers network lines, station control layer network switching equipment, four letters industrial 4G routers, etc., to provide the whole station operation and monitoring equipment, interconnection and communication. Four letter industrial 4G router's main role is to field equipment layer of various monitoring data transmission to the monitoring platform, monitoring platform to provide remote diagnosis, maintenance functions, alarm information and reports and the upper management system integration, 4G Routers to achieve control integration.

Expressway solar power supply monitoring system allows supervisors in the remote monitoring room will be able to view the operation of various types of equipment is normal, you can modify the parameters of the equipment through the wireless network prompts to achieve traffic events, accident detection alarm And 24 hours of video, 4G Routers real-time operation of each subsystem itself in a timely manner to the monitoring center to ensure the normal operation of the entire monitoring system, saving labor costs and to achieve a higher efficiency.

3G access technology has been developed from WCDMA / TD-SCDMA / CD-MA2000 to HSDPA, HSUPA and HSPA +, and began to 3G network to 4G network transition. At present, HSDPA access bandwidth can reach 7.2 Mbps, HSPA + access bandwidth can reach 21Mbps, and the deployment of LTE network bandwidth even reached 100Mbps. 4G Routers At the same time, due to the rapid growth in the number of smart terminals connected to the mobile Internet, people on the mobile Internet application requirements are growing. When people face tens of megabytes of bandwidth or even hundreds of megabytes of bandwidth, there must be a problem of excess bandwidth, that people do not need at any time need such a large bandwidth, 4G Routers which can be excess user bandwidth allocated to more users The

Currently, WiFi technology can support IEEE's 802.11b, 802.11g and 802.1ln standards, respectively, 4G Routers to support 10Mbps, 54Mbps and 300Mbps wireless transmission rate. 4G Routers In the transmission distance, WiFi can be in a few meters to 100m range to achieve full coverage.

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