4G Routers Support Remote SMS Control

- Sep 26, 2017 -

3G / 4G router Industrial wireless router, based on 3G, 4G network needs R & D performance of the wireless communications products. It is mainly used in the data transmission business of the industry users, and supports functions such as transparent transmission of data, image transmission, equipment monitoring and wireless routing.

(3G: WCDMA / EVDO / TD-SCDMA, 4G: TD-LTE / FDD-LTE) is a high-performance 32-bit processor that can handle high-speed processing protocols and large amounts of data. The internet). Provide 10 / 100M Ethernet port, 4G Routers WIFI wireless interface, serial port, USB interface. Can dock a variety of terminal equipment. Support WEB configuration, easy management simple, support remote SMS control.

Solar system providers to undertake the latest projects learned that with the gradual formation of highway network, for the development and implementation of emergency plans to reduce road congestion, prevent traffic accidents, improve service levels, 4G Routers from the economy, 4G Routers energy saving, environmental protection, 4G Routers shorten the duration Point of view, customers will build a solar-powered highway monitoring system, the system consists of solar array, battery, industrial 4G wireless router, solar charge and discharge controller, 4G Routers inverter, transformers, cameras and optical equipment and other components.

The network transmission layer consists of on-site network switching equipment, network lines, 4G Routers station control layer network switching equipment, industrial 4G routers and so on, providing the whole station operation and monitoring equipment interconnection and communication. 4G Routers The main function of the industrial 4G router is to transfer the monitoring data of the field equipment layer to the monitoring platform. The monitoring platform provides remote diagnosis, maintenance function, alarm information and report with the upper management system to realize the integration of control.

Expressway solar power supply monitoring system allows supervisors in the remote monitoring room will be able to see the operation of various types of equipment is normal, you can modify the parameters of the equipment through the wireless network timely instructions to achieve traffic events, 4G Routers accident detection alarm And 24 hours of video, real-time operation of each subsystem itself in a timely manner to the monitoring center to ensure the normal operation of the entire monitoring system, saving labor costs, and to achieve a higher efficiency.

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