4G Routers Transparent Transmission

- Sep 27, 2017 -

4 G router is a industrial iot high-speed router, all compatible with 4 G / 3.5 G / 3 G / 3.5 G networks, flagship configuration, VPN links, industrial design protection, wide temperature, easy to form a high speed, stable wireless transmission network, using public LTE networks provide users with wireless long-distance data transmission function.

4 g router adopts high performance industrial 32-bit communication processor and industrial-grade wireless module, supporting platform based on embedded real-time operating system software, at the same time provide a RS232 or RS485 / RS422, Ethernet LAN, Ethernet WAN and a WIFI interface, can be connected at the same time a serial port, Ethernet and WIFI devices, implement the data transparent transmission and routing functions.

"There are already 4G phones. Why buy a wireless router, not a tuhao?" "With a 4G phone and a wireless router, too much trouble!" "What's the difference between a 4G phone and a 4G wireless router?" ,

4G wireless routers are faster and more stable than 4G mobile phones. First, 4G wireless routers use independent WiFi chips, which download faster. Second, portable WiFi mainly traffic data transmission, no voice calls function, will not affect the network use, by phone, but with the mobile Internet connect a telephone, the signal will be interrupted or weakened, mobile phone and mobile phone as a WiFi hotspot connection equipment won't be able to get to the Internet; In addition, the WiFi can also avoid the interference of geology, environment, weather and other factors. When the car/moving car enters the tunnel, the signal will not be affected as much as the cellphone signal. So 4G wireless routers have a powerful theoretical basis for faster Internet speeds than 4G.

4G wireless routers can connect more wifi devices simultaneously. Although the 4 g wireless router and almost all of the smart phone can be used as wi-fi hotspots, but most of the mobile wifi only enough for three or four user's normal use, and use the interference of state will be affected by many factors, such as phone calls, a tunnel or a user in hd movies, and so on and so forth; The WiFi can support 10 users at the same time, or 8 users can watch video online at the same time, and the signal is stable, which is especially suitable for group travel or group living quarters.

The 4G wireless router can save energy on the phone. Smart phones consume too much power and are universally recognized, especially when 4G is used, and one day is basically the minimum requirement, so it is the second most important accessory of the phone. Technicians made a simple test, portable WiFi connection, each in the same phone 4 g network and portable WiFi network, using 4 g network, mobile phone has no electricity, use the portable WiFi Internet phone and 30% electricity, save 30% electricity directly, put a lot of charging equipment, bag is too heavy, so save electricity for a lot of the load-bearing sister is afraid of the Gospel.

To sum up, with WiFi, people not only price, high cost performance, access to the Internet faster and more stable, save electricity for mobile phones and can also provide more WiFi devices with network, which is why a 4 g phone, still have to match a 4 g wireless router

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