Application Characteristics Of Industrial Grade 4G Router

- Dec 28, 2018-


1. Because industrial routers have the ability to perform complex routing calculations, they can reasonably and intelligently select the best path. Therefore, it is suitable for connecting more than two large-scale networks with complex network topologies.

2. Industrial-grade routers can isolate broadcast storm information in the source network, thereby reducing and suppressing the impact of broadcast storms.

3. Multi-protocol industrial wireless routers can connect networks using different communication protocols, so it can be used as a network interconnection platform using different communication protocols.

4. Single-protocol industrial-grade wireless routers interconnected networks. The same or different protocols can be used at Layers 1-2; the same routable protocol is used at Layer 3: Layer 4 and above require the same or compatible protocol.

5, the use of industrial 4G routers can isolate unwanted communications, so that the interconnected networks maintain their own independent management control range, improve network security performance. Therefore, industrial-grade 4G routers are often used as firewalls to limit the access of the external network (Internet) and external networks to the LAN within the LAN.

6, the entire network router can also be used as a bridge to handle non-"routable" protocols

7. The network segmentation function of the entire Netcom router can improve the performance of the network and reduce the burden on the host.

8, can provide reliable transmission, priority service, and the industrial LTE router does not need to maintain a permanent connection between the networks that communicate with each other


1. There are many initial configurations when installing industrial grade LTE routers, so it is difficult to install and maintain.

2. Unlike bridges, industrial full-network routers are protocol-dependent. Each high-level protocol in the inter-network connection must be configured separately. An industrial-wide network-wide router must be provided for each protocol.

3. Use more time for processing, resulting in a decline in network transmission performance of the entire network industrial router

4, the price is higher

5. The industrial full Netcom router does not support non-routing protocols, so when connecting multiple networks, there are restrictions on the protocols used by the connected networks.

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