Business Networking How To Select A Router?

- Apr 25, 2016 -

Comprehensive security protection and respond to network threats

With BYOD (Bring your own devices) the increasingly popular network security boundaries are broken, and also have higher requirements for the security of network devices. Environment how to guarantee the efficiency and security of the application? H3C MSR830-WiNet router to solve this problem the "Savior". Both the management and control of small and medium enterprises and export gateways, or commercial chain-like Enterprise VPN network to branch and synchronize Office headquarters, H3C MSR830-WiNet router is the ideal choice. Not only that, the H3C MSR830-WiNet also has a variety of firewall features, and built-in a variety of comprehensive prevention means such as ARP attack prevention, effective guarantee of enterprise information security.

VPN to the force that governs the invincible

MSR830-WiNet has a complete VPN network construction, which supports rich and comprehensive VPN technology (IPsec VPN, L2TP VPN, GRE VPN etc), also supports under various scenarios, including IPSec over GRE VPN network. Using advanced communication processor in the industry, combined with H3C's advanced hardware and software technology, can provide extraordinary business capacity and experience, all-Gigabit interface is so fast!

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