Don't Let The High-end Routing Devices--11ac Card Recommended

- Apr 25, 2016 -

Because of the ubiquity and convenience of WiFi, a growing number of families, individual users of the WiFi speed becomes higher and higher, just WiFi Internet access is just the bottom of demand, fast-flowing WiFi can give the user the best experience. Page cotton, are buffering intolerable bad experience will only make users such as manic.

So many users above were more likely to use a router 802.11ac dual-band router, most of theoretical speeds can reach over Gigabit. Than using 802.11n technology, the mainstream rate 300M router is higher end number. For users who own high-end wireless routers, Terminal 802.11n wireless card, no highlights of 802.11ac in wireless transmission speed. Flower prices more expensive than ordinary router purchased high-end routers, but not for the 11ac network connection to configure a good high end routers will only display.

COMFAST earlier senior research and manufacture wireless card as a domestic enterprise, has rich technical experience in the field of wireless LAN products and accumulation. Wireless network card can be achieved: desktop from pulling the network cable, improving portable signal quality, mobile terminal devices such as \pad for the user to provide features such as WiFi signal. Today to introduce two worthy of high end routers 11ac network.

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