Experience Upgrading To Break Through The Market Development Space Is Enormous

- Apr 25, 2016 -

Current, MiFi products different Yu past wireless router to everyone brings and big and ugly of impression, after manufacturers carefully design and the elegant of production process, latest paragraph of MiFi equipment are to super light, and fiber thin of concept appeared in consumers of before, ZTE, and Huawei, and Datang, and Bell, more than 10 a international well-known brand are launched has variety of MiFi products, although products style different, their main selling different, but hard has a paragraph products can real do in appearance design, and standard, the aspects are both, Perfect to meet user needs.

Relevant data show that at present, the MiFi product industry-wide shipments of 5 million units annually, the product sales to offline channels. Huawei, zhongxing, Datang shipments for the industry's three largest companies, in which Huawei shipments take one-third, at about 1.5 million. Starting in 2013, subject to a decline in mobile phone packages, speeds improve, Mobile HotSpot capabilities, such as reason, industry shipments began to decline.

However, because the product has not been too much marketing and packaging, public perception of such products is still not enough, adding this product scenarios richa enough, MiFi product also has large market potential for mining.

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