High-end Routing Binge: What Sike "smart Living"?

- Apr 25, 2016 -

April 20 CE China 2016 exhibition, D-Link published the "Thunder fighter" series of second rate--DIR-885L,2400Mbps+, 3-band duo, 512M DDR memory ... ... This "next generation" configure the router of the teeth appear very timely-the customer is waiting for a product to improve your own smart living room layout.

Traditional routing large counter attack

In 2015 the United States CES exhibition, D-Link Thunder fighter family 3 products first appeared, "the world's first 5300Mbps home route" concept has caused quite a stir. D-Link route 30 years exposure to this tradition, which seem to be in such a way back gradually in recent years was master of cutting-edge Internet brands to get the glory.

Where DIR-895L/R is the market's first high-end home router supports 5300Mbps wireless bandwidth to transmit at full speed, number of antennas for 8. Three frequency bands (a 2.4GHz and two 5GHz), with 2.4GHz frequency bandwidth of 1000Mbps and bandwidth are the two 5GHz band 2165Mbps;

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