How Much Do You Know About The Application Of Routers In Various Industries?

- Aug 28, 2018 -

How much do you know about the application of routers in various industries?

1. Traffic: vehicle monitoring system, capture system, monitoring system.

2. Power: Remote automatic meter reading, real-time data monitoring, power grid, street lights, etc.

3. Security: remote monitoring of access control, construction site, road monitoring, alarm system.

4. Energy: collection of data such as natural gas, coal mines, and heating systems.

5. Environmental protection: real-time monitoring and maintenance of drinking water, water plants, sewage pipes and pumping stations, as well as automatic data collection by gas control stations.

6. Transportation: positioning, telemetry, industrial wireless remote control.

7. Financial aspects: bank savings and monitoring of bank rooms, securities trading companies and information enquiries.

8. Water conservancy: natural disaster prevention system, water level flood control, etc.

9. Media: The advertising system is managed and the app system is automatically downloaded.

10. Public security: query for monitoring, public security mobile data query, traffic mobile communication data, etc.

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