How To Improve The Life Of Industrial Grade 4G Routers

- Nov 17, 2018 -

The maintenance problem of the industrial grade 4G router is a special concern for you. It is similar to the maintenance of ordinary electronic products. Although the outdoor router has certain anti-external force and corrosion resistance, it may be in the process of harsh environment for a long time. It is caused by an increase in the failure rate or irreversible damage, so it is essential for its maintenance. Here is how to improve the life of a good quality industrial grade 4G router.

First, ensure that the router continues to stabilize heat

Through the investigation of the damage accident of the high-quality industrial grade 4G router, most of the damage accidents occurred in the summer. Because the summer ambient temperature is too high, the router is in the long-term high-speed operation state, and the 24-hour uninterrupted operation is its own heat-dissipating work zone. Great pressure and load are coming. Only by ensuring the continuous and stable heat dissipation of the industrial grade 4G router can the life expectancy be improved and the long-term stable work can be guaranteed.

Second, avoid frequent handling

Industrial-grade 4G routers should be in the same position as soon as possible after installation. The location should be smooth and free of excessive vibration. In non-special circumstances, try not to move industrial-grade 4G routers frequently, so as to avoid internal confusion caused by internal components. Whether it is an industrial-grade router or an ordinary home router, it should be avoided.

Third, timely rest adjustment

In principle, a reputable industrial-grade 4G router needs to run continuously all the year round, but it can be cut off from the power supply to be in a state of rest without daily use, and there is no need to frequently disconnect the power supply, such as quarterly and monthly. Set a day off or a fixed time each week to fully rest for 1 to 2 hours before continuing to work to improve the life of industrial-grade 4G routers.

There are many ways to maintain industrial-grade 4G routers. The key needs to be determined according to the actual usage. Each user does not need to care for them. They only need to choose according to the changes of space environment conditions and the frequency of use and the harshness of the space environment. Sexual maintenance methods can be used, and timely adjustments and maintenance techniques are designed to extend the life of the router.

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