How To Look At The Nameplate Of The Wireless Router

- Aug 16, 2018 -

Most people will see a 150M or 300M logo when they are in the store's wholesale wireless router. In fact, these things are well understood. Some people with common sense know the unit, and they know the unit word of the traffic. This shows that this is a problem indicating the power level of the wireless router. At the bottom of the router, there will be such a representation; for example: a certain 300M high-power wireless router; and 300M is more expensive than a 150M router; what is the meaning of 300M inside?

300M refers to the wireless network theory maximum transmission speed of 300 megabits per second (Mbps), equal to 37.5 megabytes / second (MBps), the latter 37.5 megabytes of "megabytes" is what we usually call the file size M.

It should be noted here that 300Mbps refers to the transmission speed of the total router. If there are 10 computers on the LAN that use the wireless router to access the Internet, then these 10 computers will share the LAN transmission speed of 300Mbps. Is the local area network; not the Internet,

This is the case; if you are pulling a 10M network cable; theoretically the maximum value can reach 1280KB, the unit will be converted to 1M if the value exceeds 1024KB, and the download time for a 1G movie should be between 13 minutes and 14 minutes; The transfer size is irrelevant; here is the speed of a single computer; if there are other computers connected to the router; it will affect this time

So why do router vendors have to do such a large router?

Not all people use 10M speed; some local or company pull 10M network speed is not enough, they may pull higher speed network cable; 300M router is not enough; you have to use faster speed Router; this should be understood

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