How To Solve The Network Delay Problem By Setting Up A Router

- Jun 05, 2018 -

Online game players are most concerned about the speed when playing games, because the speed will directly affect the record, in order to solve the problem of speed, many players can not solve the problem of network delay. Today, professional router OEM manufacturer E-Lins Technology will teach you how to solve the network delay problem by setting up a router.

When we install the router, most users will use the default channel of the router, a total of 13 channels, the default channel is between 1-6, which is easy to cause channel congestion, resulting in wifi instability, then how do we change the router The channel?


Step 1: Enter the setting interface of the wireless router and find the channel settings in the background.

Step 2: Select a channel with a small number of users based on the usage of the surrounding router channels.

Step 3: Click to open "Open WDS", save it, and finally restart the router to complete the setup.

Wireless Routers.png

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