How To Strengthen Router Security Settings

- May 30, 2018-

Network, hacking these two words must be familiar with everyone, no matter which word will make users worry about the safety of their own routers, router security issues are also a hot topic of social concern, then we should strengthen the security settings of the router ? Is it right? As long as the hackers stare at their own router is not a minute to get it, it is not. For most users, as long as you do basic security settings, you can basically guarantee the security of the router. Below, E-Lins Technology professional wireless router ODM manufacturers to teach everyone how to strengthen the security settings of the router.

1. If the login user name and password of your router background setting interface are still admin, Xiaobian recommends that you immediately change the login user name and password. Of course, you need to remember the changed user name and password.

2. Router Wireless Security Settings It is recommended to select the highest level of WPA2 encryption.

3. Wifi password as much as possible to set up a number of complex, it is recommended that the symbols, numbers, letters mixed, the password length is better than 8 digits, the same wifi password you have to remember.

4. Don't tell strangers your wifi password.

5. Try not to use a smart phone or a tablet to make an appointment or more root, and try not to connect unfamiliar and untrustworthy wifi with the device after booking or more root.

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