Industrial-grade WiFi Routers Have Slower WiFi Speeds And Analysis Solutions

- Jun 14, 2018 -

With the improvement of living standards, people can not do without communication products, WiFi routers are also deeply rooted. However, during use, some buddies will find WiFi somehow, the slower it is! In addition to these hard factors of quality problems of operators and industrial-grade wifi routers, it may be that the position of industrial-grade wifi routers is incorrectly placed. Change the placement of industrial-grade wifi routers, and it may make WiFi increase several times in an instant!

The signal emitted by WiFi is actually a radio wave, which is the same principle as the electromagnetic wave emitted by a cell phone or a radio. However, the WiFi signal wavelength is quite short. So the further away from the router, the signal will gradually become weaker and weaker.

Industrial-grade wifi routers have a limited range of coverage and can absorb some of the wall or metal when transmitting signals. To receive WiFi maximization, the placement of industrial wifi routers is particularly important.

First and foremost, the most important thing is to place industrial-grade wifi routers in the most central location of the application environment. In this way, the strength of the signal transmitted by the industrial wifi router can spread to the surrounding area with the same intensity.

        Second, industrial-grade wifi routers must be placed in empty places. Some people feel that if they look messy outside, they will put industrial-grade wifi routers in their cupboards. As everyone knows, only the door will block some of the signals. (To solve this problem, you can also place the sucker antenna outside the cabinet.)

        Third, the best place for placing industrial-grade wifi routers is to look at the farthest perspective.

Fourth, most routers consist of several antennas. If it is two, then one antenna should be erect and the other antenna must be placed sideways. When you use a computer or mobile phone, which is parallel to the router's antenna, the speed of the Internet is absolutely leveraged.

Since most of the laptops have built-in antennas that are horizontal, when using such electronic products, the antenna direction of the industrial-grade wifi router is best determined by the placement of electronic products, and the effect of the operation will be better.

Fifth, if you think that it is an industrial wifi router problem, you can also test the signal strength yourself.


        On the phone to download a dedicated test WiFi App, and then a location and a location, you can know where to place the industrial-grade wifi router WiFi signal is the best it!

Enhanced industrial WiFi router WiFi signal, simple method of self-detection Did you know? Go home and see if your industrial wifi router is placed correctly.

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