LTE Security Can Not Be Ignored

- Apr 25, 2016 -

Protection of mobile Internet, security should not be overlooked

"Internet security is an area of Government, industry, and public attention, involving national security, but also the privacy and protection of the interests of each user. "Xu Peng stressed in his opening address. Technical standards are important to ensure network security and information security support, the Ministry according to the actual need in network and information security, combined with the development needs of the industry, organization of domestic telecommunications industry has developed a series of network security, information security industry standards and the national standards. These standards for our network construction and development, system support has played a very good role.

Save LTE transmission risk, China Mobile and Unicom aligned with

LTE integration helps small base station for lack of macro base stations density problems, can bring a better Internet experience for users. But because of its openness and diversity of the deployment environment, and there is a big security risk. As the first large-scale commercial deployment of LTE networks of China Mobile, are aware of the problem.

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