MiFi Product Leads New Wave Of Market Applications More Convenient

- Apr 25, 2016 -

In today's society, deepening of Internet applications, a wide range of network products are gradually changing our habits and way of life. With the wireless network covers the concept of region-wide, we use phones, tablets, laptops and other products for wireless Internet access, is no longer limited to the family in the region. However, although the network really is the easy convenience to our lives, but have to say, the increased reliance on our network. And once you are out of wireless coverage areas, we can only confront high network traffic tariff, please? In order to enjoy anytime, anywhere network, Nubian launched this "simple portable" MiFi product became one of the necessities of our lives!

A lot of people may not know what is MiFi? From explanations given Baidu entry: MiFi is a portable broadband wireless device, about the size of a cell phone, set the modem, router and access point three functions in one. Internal modem can be connected to a wireless signal, internal routers can be shared between multiple users, and wireless devices in this connection. With a simple portable router MiFi is a mobile!

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