"Next Generation" Routing "soft" And "hard" Debate

- Apr 25, 2016 -

So, in "intelligent routing" concept was repeatedly turned fried of today, many Internet enterprise have launched "intelligent" concept, millet, and very routing, and 360, Internet brand into Council, "intelligent", and "ecological" concept endlessly, face in "intelligent" road Shang more go more far of competition opponents, D-Link focused function of "savage" play is how a products logic?

In my opinion, smart TV, smart box, currently number phone, Pad form the most user's living room "standard" in the "smart living" scenario, the router is the undisputed champion of the core equipment.

However, both "smart living", "smart home" vision of how wonderful described is more powerful, users of the Internet's basic appeal is still "fast, good signal, safety and stability", a router that are responsible for the 3-5 screen, the "physical" became the key.

Yu this while, at this stage view, various intelligent appliances although endlessly, but still belongs to melee State, no standard, and their for King, "with a Taiwan router control whole family" still in come to naught stage, in such of situation Xia, "intelligent routing" became talk, pour than like D-Link such, simple to put performance big do strong, meet any harsh of network needs to of actual.

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