Rich Scenario User Pain Point Is The Truth

- Apr 25, 2016 -

Life on the Internet everywhere era, places where there is no WiFi now life has become one of the hardest to bear. For example, when on a business trip, you need to network to upload information night dormitory power disconnection, iPad, notebook became a stand-alone mode; or outdoor outdoors, when you want to watch live TV, and so on, it is clear that the current wireless network coverage, are difficult to completely solve the networking needs of the user.

The industry generally felt that standard to measure is a good product, and whether it can meet the needs of target users is a more important one. Nubian launched this Nubia MiFi MiFi product, really to solve customer pain points as the starting point, products in terms of appearance as well as technical aspects were highlighted its focus on the users ' needs.

Nubia MiFi crowd accurate positioning and provides the ultimate experience for the target groups. Nubia to build the products targeted at business people business style, and in view of a younger student population is the product of secondary consumer, overall style in the commercial van based on the relatively young. It can be said that in Web applications come to life today, having a portable experience more simple and carefree MiFi is particularly important, and Nubia MiFi solves worry for consumers, with a price cheaper data cards, let your WiFi is no longer a luxury.

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